Guardiola: Manchester derby will not determine the Premier League champion

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola spoke about facing Manchester United next Sunday in the top of the tenth round of the English Premier League.

“When I was coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, going to Old Trafford was a special occasion,” Guardiola said during the introductory press conference. “This is an important match for our fans, but it is not a final. It will not determine the champion of the season, as there are still 30 more matches.”

Regarding the quality of Manchester United, he commented: “With the difference in coaches, United always remains a difficult opponent. We know the quality they have, and the situation will always remain that way. There is a good rivalry, and no major problems occurred in the eight seasons that I was here (between the two clubs). We won.” “We lost some matches.”

He added: “I want to see our mentality at Old Trafford. We have achieved many victories and it is not about winning now, but I want to see my team in big scenarios like that match. We have to play in the right way.”

He continued: “United always represents a huge challenge. The candidates to win the title can be answered 9 rounds before the end of the season, not in mid-October.”

He also spoke about Andre Onana, United’s goalkeeper: “He is an exceptional player. Every player needs time to adapt to the Premier League. There are those who succeed in achieving this quickly, but I have a positive view of him. We hope that he does not play like the Champions League final, and that we succeed in beating him.” “.

He continued: “Before matches, I always respect the best players we face, and watch their strengths and not their weaknesses. (Onana) saved a penalty kick in the last minute to help his team stay in the qualification race (in the Champions League), and this is a great morale boost for him and for them.”

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